About Policonomics


Policonomics is an online dictionary about economics and its relation with politics. We know there are many websites that may seem alike on the Internet, simple economics dictionaries. However, we believe that the way in which the information is shown, or the fact that Internet users want to avoid excessive or misleading information, is just as important as the information sought.

Because of these beliefs, we decided to create a user-friendly dictionary, where what you were looking for is presented in a simple, concise way. Someone should be able to get the information he or she seeks and nothing more. Our definitions are presented in a brief and reliable way, so you don’t have to look further to get what you need. Along with this information, you will find in the blink of an eye useful tools that will allow you to deepen the knowledge of what you were looking for, such as graphs, timelines, or related articles and Learning Paths. All this, without any irritating popups or any kind of advertising that may affect your navigation experience.

Policonomics was created for you to get the information you seek rapidly, as well as having the possibility to go further, but only if you consider it necessary. We want you to consider this an easy-going, user friendly and reliable dictionary. Learn, and enjoy.


The Policonomics team


Lope Gallego

Founder and editor


Carlos Iniesta

Co-founder, web design consultant and contributor


Lunática, diseño y comunicación SL

Web design and development


Michael O’Connor

Social media manager and contributor


Eva Martin



Nicholas King