What is a Learning Path


In a few words, a Learning Path, or LP, is a succession of articles from our dictionary. We arrange these in a logical way, so you can learn about an economic or political matter rapidly. Each LP should not take more than 10 minutes to read and understand, and it will give an overview of the matter. Weekly, we will design a new LP, so you can learn something new every week.

Learning Path's introduction


This is what the introduction page of a Learning Path looks like. As you see, it basically tells you what the LP is about, and introduces you in a few words to all the articles that are going to be displayed. Although every article displayed during the LP is in the dictionary, you will not be able to find this page in the dictionary, since its only purpose is to introduce you to the subject.

There are three navigation tools that are present, in the same place, on every page throughout the Learning Path: a link phrase introducing the next article (always after the article), a summary (top-right corner), and a navigation bar (at the bottom of the page).



-Link phrase: Learnig Path's link phrase introducing the next article

Is usually one or two sentences that will introduce you the next article, as well as its relation when the one being displayed.


-Navigation bar: Learning Path's navigation bar

It is the standard type. Use it to go to the previous or next article.



Learning Path's summary

This is what a Learning Path’s summary looks like. To display it, click on the white triangle. It displays links to pages in the LP in the order in which they will be normally be displayed, organized in the different parts explained in the introduction. It allows you to navigate in a different way, since you can skip articles and go directly to the one you are interested in.

The links in the the summary, as well as the links you will find in the articles linking to other articles in the LP, will take you to the article’s page in the LP. However, the links you will find linking to articles outside the LP will display the linked article in a new window or tab, so you don’t have to exit the Learning Path until you want to.



Quite easy, isn’t it? Now that you know everything there is to, go to the Learning Path’s Homepage, choose one and start learning!